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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2000 Certification [Archive]' started by gt_arvanitis, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. gt_arvanitis New Member

    I am new to a position. We run both 2000 SQL Server and just a few of us are on 2005 SQL Server. Hundreds of our customers are on 2000, just a few on 2005, but more migrating. My question is, which certification should I get if I had to get just one? How would the learning curve be for 2000 if I took 2005 study and tests and visa versa, if I took 2000 study and tests and applied that knowlege to 2005? I just want to become proficient in the work place and take only 1 certification if I can.

    Finally, since cash is tight, what's a good low cost or self-study system.

    All the best!

    Thanks, -George

    P.S. I am going to post this question in the SQL Server 2005 Certification forum as well.
  2. bradmcgehee New Member

    In my opinion, get the new one. There is a tremendous overlap between the 2000 and 2005, so as preparing for the 2005 certification, you will learn about 2000, and of course about 2005. In a few years, 2005 will be the standard, and if you can only get one certification, get the most current one.

    Brad M. McGehee, SQL Server MVP
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  4. InMyWhy New Member

    2005 ground on 2000 they are baculine all.
    I think no one will spoil you,The mind designate for yourself!
    Sorry, I am English is so bad
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