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Which Version of SQL Server 2008 Supports Your Favorite New Features?

Discussion in 'Brad M McGehee' started by bradmcgehee, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. bradmcgehee New Member

    I have been spending a lot of time learning about SQL Server 2008 this past six months. I have attended conferences, on-line training, read articles and blogs, and have spent a lot of time reading SQL Server 2008 Books Online. When a new feature is discussed, like data compression, backup compression, resource governor, partition table parallelism, policy-based managment, data collector, among others, there is generally no reference as to which SQL Server 2008 edition the feature belongs. This is important to know, because the cool new features you read about in SQL Server 2008 may or may not be available to you, depending on what previous editions of SQL Server you are running on, and intend to run on after upgrading.
    For example, I think data compression is a really cool feature of SQL Server 2008, and I could find many uses for it. The problem is that this feature is only available in the SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edtition. If your current servers run a previous version of Enterprise Edition and you upgrade, you are in luck and can use this new feature. But if the previous edition you are running is Standard Edition, and you don't have the budget to upgrade to Enterprise Edition, you are out of luck. In fact, many of the really cool new features in SQL Server 2008 are only available with Enterprise Edition.
    Before you get too excited about a new feature in SQL Server 2008, check out the following link. It offers a comparision of the different features offered by each edition of SQL Server 2008. I hope you aren't disappointed by what you see, but I imagine many DBAs will be, as there are many more SQL Servers running Standard Edition that Enterprise Edition.

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