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Who Unplugged the Internet?

Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    Internet connectivity is something that many people now take for granted. The ability to be online when you are sitting in the office or in a cafe has changed the lives of many people. The availability of Internet access is no longer confined to the workplace and home. All manner of devices have connectivity from cell phones and PDAs to more obscure devices such as the microwave oven in your kitchen. With all of these connectivity options people now expect that you are available online 24x7. I am sure we have all experienced those phone calls where a colleague will call you and ask, "Did you receive the e-mail I just sent you"; as if you were sitting in Outlook pressing send and receive just waiting for their e-mail.
    I was at a customer site recently and Internet connectivity was lost. A backhoe cut the fibre link into the main office; meaning over 200 employees were without Internet connectivity for most of the day. The interesting thing was that it was as if the sky had fallen in and people did not know how to work without Internet connectivity. I consider that I am a heavy Internet user and use it for everything from e-mail and banking to solving problems such as obscure error messages. But at the end of the day, my world does not stop without Internet access. In fact, I often find that some of my most productive days are when I am totally offline with no interruptions from Instant Messenger or e-mail. So is a day without Internet connectivity good news or bad news for you?
    - Peter Ward
  2. Greg Larsen New Member

    I think it depends on the kind of work you are doing. If your job requires internet connectivity then of course you are dead in the water if you do not have internet access. I'm thinking Amazon might not like to lose connectivity. No connectivity mean a lot of lost revenue.For those individuals that work remotely not having access to the internet might mean they can’t do their job. On the flip side everyone needs to think of how they can be productive if they should lose their internet services. It is kind of like preparing for a disaster. You know at some point your internet connectivity is going to be lost, so what are you going to do when it is down. Remember you can always use outages to do documentation, even if you have to use a pencil and paper. Greg
  3. rysiekmus New Member

    As for me, I could hardly live without the Internet, although having a copy of my documentation on my hard drive to maintain an Oracle database is possible. Yet Oracle has something called Metalink with gives us more than just documentation, those are sometimes whole solutions to specific problems or jobs that need to be done. And those cannot be accessed without the use of Internet. Tons of documents that need to be accessed online, because you need updated versions.Any issues with databases that need to be logged for the support team also goes through this channel, Oracle does not accept reporting serious errors by phone anymore.Apart from that I use the Internet to search for solutions for some simple things, programming solutions, techniques, etc. Any operating system errors - I use Google, and so do my colleagues. You could hardly imagine fixing a problem without searching the Web.But this is my technical point of view. I also think that those who deal with purchasing and selling products on a professional basis cannot without live with Internet, because - again my personal opinion, can you be competitive, when you are not aware that someone sells the same product you do for a much lower price for example?Regards, Richard.

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