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Why Do Many Software Vendors Provide Bad Software and Bad Support?

Discussion in 'Brad M McGehee' started by bradmcgehee, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. bradmcgehee New Member

    I imagine that my headline above is not very original. But I just can't figure out why so many large software companies provide such bad software and bad support.
    Just today, I had another terrible support experience. I recently purchased a Motorola Q Global phone from ATT. On it was a sample of VirsusScan Mobile from McAFee Software. I installed it, but after discovering how much of a resource hog it is, uninstalled it.
    The only problem is that after uninstalling it, it was not uninstalled. It was still running. I checked the Remove Programs option, and it no longer showed up on the list. I tired to delete the program files directly, but could not as the application was running. Every time I killed the app, it would automatically reload it before I could delete its files.
    So I first went to McAfee website and searched their knowledgebase. No help there.
    Then I contacted support via chat. Below is a copy of the transaction, slightly edited. Once you read it, I think you will find it unbelievable. In addition, the entire chat took just over one hour. Great. Once again, big software companies have goofed up and made another customer unhappy, and I have lost another hour of my time.
    Chat Transacript with McAfee Support---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Support. How can I help you?

    Shawn Francis: Brad, my name is Shawn and I would be assisting you from here on.

    Customer: I have VirusScan Mobile on my Mortorola Q Global Phone. I can't uninstall it. I have gone to remove programs and did install it, but it did not install. There is no longer any listing for the software, but it is still loaded. I have turned off my phone and restarted it. How do I remove it?

    Customer: Anybody there?

    Shawn Francis: As I understand clearly, you have an issue with uninstalling McAfee, is that correct?

    Customer: Yes.

    Shawn Francis: May I place you on hold for two minutes while I research this issue?

    Customer: Do I have a choice?

    Shawn Francis: Thank you for being on hold. I really appreciate your patience.

    Customer: Yes

    Shawn Francis: Brad, can you help me with the exact model number of your mobile.

    Customer: Motorola Q Global

    Shawn Francis: Brad, sorry for the delay.

    Customer: yes

    Shawn Francis: Brad, do you have remove option inside application?

    Customer: no

    Customer: where might I look

    Shawn Francis: It will be inside menu

    Customer: I can't see any option

    Customer: So what do I do?

    Customer: I thought about reinstalling the software and then try to uninstall it again, but I am unable to download it again and try this option. I downloaded it from a link provided on the phone. That link is now gone.

    Customer: Are you there.

    Customer: Hello

    Customer: Hello

    Customer: Hello

    Customer: Hello

    > Shawn Francis is having Internet connectivity problems.

    > Shawn Francis has joined the session.

    Customer: Hello

    Shawn Francis: Sorry Brad, it was technical problem.

    Customer: So, what can I do to remove the software?

    > Shawn Francis has left the session.

    Customer: Hello

    Shawn Francis: Brad, so you require the link to download McAfee. Is that correct?

    Customer: Yes. If I reload it, and then try to uninstall it, it might work. Just a guess on my part.

    Shawn Francis: Right now is McAfee installed on your phone?

    Customer: Yes, and I am trying to uninstall it.

    Customer: This chat has now taken 52 minutes, and we still haven't gotten anywhere yet. Can you be a little more speedy?

    Shawn Francis: From the main menu select start/settings.

    Shawn Francis: Select remove programs.

    Customer: First, your instructions are wrong. Second, I have tried these steps already, as I said in my very original message.

    Customer: Can I speak so someone who has some experience?

    Customer: I uninstalled the progam originally, but the program did not unistall. It is no longer in the Remove Program screen.

    Customer: I need someone who understands SmartPhones and Mobile 6 who can help me remove the program.

    Customer: Hello

    Shawn Francis: Brad, actually we don't support this particular model. But we tried our best with the available supporting models, the option are different.

    Customer: Yes you do. I found a press release from your company saying they supported it. Is is dated May 2007.

    Customer: In addition, the software came with my phone, based on a marketing deal between ATT and McAFee.

    Customer: So you do support it.

    Customer: Here's the press release:

    Customer: SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE), the global leader in Intrusion Prevention and Security Risk Management, today announced the availability of its mobile security solutions for the new Motorola Q(TM). Q users are able to be protected against threats from viruses, trojan horses and other forms of malware with McAfee VirusScan Mobile.
    --Press release was abbreviated here to save space--Brad
    Customer: Please put me in contact with the right person.

    Customer: Hello
    Customer: Hello
    --Then the case was closed and I was dropped from the chat.--Brad
  2. smartsons2000 New Member

    That's an easy one. These vendors rarely if ever have to convince, sale and get a signature to qualify the product. Those that sign for the bad software are not those responsible for making it work or sitting on long conference calls regarding why it doesn't work in your environment. Just my .02.
  3. Anonymous New Member

    Its a nightmare when you have got inefficient support person over phone or onsite for the problem you

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