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will culstered server support load balancing?

Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by johnson_ef, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. johnson_ef Member

    HI All,

    Will SQL Server support load balancing supports effectivly with active/passive or active-active/passive-passive.

    As I know Shared Array won't allow two instances to write at same time. Then how the 4 node cluster will support if so?

    Thanks in advance
  2. derrickleggett New Member

    No. There is really no such a thing as a true 4-node cluster with SQL Server.

    The only way to do load balancing with multiple DB servers is to design from the ground up. You can segment your data into categories, such as region. You can then have applications pointing at various servers based on region. With replication involved, you could drive and some good monitoring or workload decisioning, you could switch the application load through automated logic.

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