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windows authentication in DTS package?

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by newchina, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. newchina New Member

    Hi All
    we have a lot of DTS packages in our production SQL server. some use windows authentication to connect to the server. i'm thinking if the windows authentication affects the package running if the id of windows authentication doesn't exist. or how this windows authentication deals with security issue when the connection takes place.

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  3. kapilxpert New Member

    Are you mapping network drives requiring windows authentication to access it, but you don't know to do so??
  4. newchina New Member

    thank you, All

    actually the following is the answer i'm looking for:

    How are Windows NT-authenticated Connections Made?
    Sometimes a DTS package contains an object that makes a connection to a data source using Windows NT authentication. The security context used for this connection is the same as the context of the package that is running. If the package is run from a command prompt by using DTSRun.exe, the credentials of the currently logged-in Windows NT account is used. If the package is run as a SQL Server Agent job, then the integrated security connection is made using the account you used to start SQL Agent (assuming that the owner of the package is a member of the Sysadmin role).

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