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With - Without cursor.

Discussion in 'T-SQL Performance Tuning for Developers' started by Luis Martin, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Luis Martin Moderator

    Again from spanish forum.
    What are recomendations from performance point of view.


    SELECT Tmp_NroOdt
    FROM #Tmp_Reclamos
    Where Tmp_Asignado > 0

    OPEN CurAsignados FETCH NEXT FROM CurAsignados INTO @NumeroODT
    WHILE (@@fetch_status <> -1 )
    Select @AsigError = @AsigError + '//' + Rtrim(@NumeroODT)
    FETCH NEXT FROM CurAsignados INTO @NumeroODT
    Delete From #Tmp_Reclamos Where Tmp_Asignado > 0

    Select @AsigError = '6012|' + @AsigError
    Deallocate CurAsignados


    SET @AsigError = ''
    -- Se reemplaza el Cursor. (Cursor replace)

    SELECT @NumeroODT = ISNULL(MIN(Tmp_NroOdt),'') -- Segundo Control de Posible Asignacion a Usuario
    FROM #Tmp_Reclamos (Nolock)
    WHERE Tmp_Asignado > 0

    WHILE @NumeroODT <> ''
    Select @AsigError = @AsigError + '//' + Rtrim(@NumeroODT)

    DELETE FROM #Tmp_Reclamos
    WHERE Tmp_Asignado > 0
    AND TMP_NroODT = @NumeroODT

    SELECT @NumeroODT = ISNULL(MIN(Tmp_NroOdt),'')
    FROM #Tmp_Reclamos (Nolock)
    WHERE Tmp_Asignado > 0


    IF @AsigError <> ''
    Select @AsigError = '6012|' + @AsigError

    Luis Martin

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  2. joechang New Member

    the general idea is to replace a cursor that loops through a set of rows with a single operation that operates on a set of rows.
    replacing a cursor with a while loop is still a loop, and prossibly a less efficient loop even though the plan may show a scan for the SELECT from the cursor.

    in the first example, there is 1 table operator (SELECT) in the cursor, followed by a set operation after the cursor,
    in the second, there are 2 table operations within the loop, 1 SELECT, 1 DELETE
    hence this is a step backwards in terms to replacing single row operation loops with a single SET operation

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