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Working Through the Night

Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    This morning I struggled to get out of bed, as I was extremely tired. Despite the alarm clock and the alarm on my cell phone being set, I refused to get out of bed. Even when room service knocked on my hotel room door it took me a while to awaken from my slumber. Although this tiredness was self-induced, as I had been out drinking with a few colleagues at the Microsoft Partner conference, it made me think about the long hours that are often required working in IT.
    My longest stint without leaving the office was 36 hours straight in order to resolve a package that was released to over 100 sites that needed to be rolled back. However, often I think that the extra effort that we put in goes unnoticed and is taken for granted as being part and parcel of the industry. There are certain changes that need to occur at night and when there is a problem someone needs to fix it, but expecting someone to work long hours continually is counterproductive. I know myself that after working about 60 hours in a week my productivity levels decrease and I find myself starting to make mistakes. The last thing a DBA wants to do is make a mistake such as leaving the WHERE clause off a DELETE operation. Does your workplace provide time off when you put in extra hours or is it expected than any extra hours are just part of the job?
    - Peter Ward
  2. jmoss111 New Member

    Last weekend, I worked all day Saturday and over half a day on Sunday (14 hours all told) and my employer told me to take a day off to repay me for my time. While it's uncommon for me to work all weekend, my days are normally 10 -12 hours and toward the end of the week I'm dragging a bit.
  3. duanemsmith New Member

    Having worked in my own business for 10 years in both IT and Marketing it was rare to have a holiday let alone take time off and the hours required to be competitive and satisfy clients do take their toll on your personal life and relationships. Then moving back into the corporate world I found myself stretching my job description due to my skill-set and taking on what eventually amounted to the work of 3 staff. I would leave work at 6 or 7pm and then log-on using Citrix and work until 3am at least once or twice a week. The real pressure in the corporate world is the liability if something is not done with the appropriate due care or diligence and sometimes this is left to a single person. Many organizations have business continuity planning that does not take into account the details of individual jobs, tasks and processes at the micro level which does leave the burden to individual staff members.Due to project pressures and workload this can often lead to errors if sustained for long periods as the author of this article correctly points out.Fortunately, in my case I made enough money last year to take a year off in South America and my batteries are almost re-charged. People say I look 10 years younger.My advice is if all else fails and the job/process fallsover, take a break and come back to the problem freshand you will make more progress. Also alert managers when you are over-loaded before it is too late.Good Luck and get plenty of rest.ciao for now
  4. satya Moderator

    This reminds me my time since April 2008, as the same and I agree with Smith comemnts for not having a planned rest when you are in busy schedule of IT world.Still you can plan further for a proper weekend joy, besides there is a big world out there...

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