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Writing Query connecting to two different servers

Discussion in 'General Developer Questions' started by bharathsivam, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. bharathsivam New Member

    I want to konw if there is a way to write a query connecting to two different servers.
    The reason for this requirement is I had to compare the columns and its constraints that exists in similar tables & databases but in two different servers. Im sorry if it sounds crazy.
  2. Sethupandian New Member

    Hi Bharath,
    Have you ever tried using Linked server??? if not just try using it as it can work for your requirement.
    If not kindly revert back with the actual requirement, so that we can drill down further and help you out.
  3. madhuottapalam New Member

  4. bharathsivam New Member

    The above link was very useful. Im just learning about linked servers.
    For Example I have two Servers A and B.
    After linking server A with B and if you execute "sp_linkedservers" in server A, it shows the list of servers linked with it. But if you execute the same in server B none are returned.
    Does this mean I had to link server B to A too?
  5. madhuottapalam New Member

    If you want to access Server A from Server B, then you should configure Linkedserver in Server B also.
  6. bharathsivam New Member

    Thanks for the information Madhu.

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