SQL Server deadlock Articles

Tips For Minimizing Deadlocks in SQL Server

A deadlock or fatal embrace is a situation which occurs when the a process is waiting for the resource that is locked by a second process and that second process is waiting for a resource that is locked by the first process. In this article, we will learn about ways to minimise deadlocks. Tips for […]

Create a Deadlock and Set the Deadlock Victim

To create a deadlock for testing purposes you can execute the below TSQL script: — 1) Create Objects for Deadlock Example USE TEMPDB CREATE TABLE dbo.foo (col1 INT) INSERT dbo.foo SELECT 1 CREATE TABLE dbo.bar (col1 INT) INSERT dbo.bar SELECT 1 — 2) Run in first connection and in my server this connection was SPID […]

Capture SQL Server Deadlocks using Extended Events

Deadlocks in SQL Server usually occur when users try to place exclusive locks on each other’s objects. For example, a database user Bob first acquires an exclusive lock on Sales table and then attempts to place an exclusive lock on Orders table. Another database user Joe already has an exclusive lock on Orders table, and […]