SQL Server Disaster Recovery Articles

SQL Server Disaster Recovery Test

This article describes a simple procedure we implemented to ensure that the data on our the database on the Disaster Recovery server is consistent with the production server. Our DR Server is a separate server which is located in a separate data centre. The DR server receives data from the production database server via Transactional […]

SQL Server Log Shipping For Large Databases

Scenario:  A couple of days back I was setting up a DR plan for one of our most mission critical DB servers which was hosting around 10 databases having size of 10, 23, 5, 7.4, 1.8, 6.2, 7.9, 5.53, 8.7 and 125 GB respectively. I decided to implement Log Shipping as a part of the […]

Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery

Database server can (and will) fail just like any other electronic device. Therefore it would be grossly negligent not to plan ahead how to deal with such a situation. How the resulting plan looks like, differs on a case by case basis, but at a bare minimum should the databases that are hosted on the […]