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Import dbase (dbf) Files using SQL Server.

SQL Server integration Service (SSIS) can be used to import data from heterogeneous data sources ranging from SQL Server, Oracle to CSV, XML files. To Import a single DBF file to SSIS 1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and create a SSIS project. 2. Drag and Drop a Data flow task to Control flow and […]

SQL Server General DBA FAQs (All)

Import Data Using SSIS from an Excel Workbook which has Dynamic Sheets Using SSIS invoke-sqlcmd Not Recognized ORDER BY behavior with NOLOCK Automate Generate Scripts in SSMS Invoke-Sqlcmd vs sqlcmd utility Change Select Top 1000 Rows value in SSMS Change The SQL Server Port Number Change Edit Top 200 Rows value in SSMS Decode COLUMNS_UPDATED […]