SQL Server Spatial Data Articles

Working with Spatial Data Part I – Geocoding Text-Based Spatial Data for Use In SSIS Packages

Address information is one of the most common attributes of data stored in a  business data repository. Examples of such data can be addresses of employees, store locations of retail chains, sales of a product etc. You may  wonder about the last example and how sales of a product can be linked with an address. […]

Reporting Services 2008 R2: Geospatial Visualization – Part II

This is the continuation of my previous article: Reporting Services 2008 R2: Geospatial Visualization – Part I. Part I discussed the  main characteristics related to the Map Report Item, Data sources for spatial data, how to create a map report using shapefiles, and finally add analytical data to it.  Our goal in the part is […]

Achieve Spatial Data Support in SSIS

Overview SQL Server 2008 introduced a new category of datatypes known as spatial datatypes which store spatial information. The new spatial datatypes are geography and geometry. SQL Server Management Studio comes with good good support for these spatial data types like the spatial results tab and facilitated access to .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) functions […]

Working with Spatial Data Part III – Reporting Spatial data using Reports Builder 3.0

Overview Development of any analytical solution normally ends with a form of  report, whether it is a normal tabular report or a sophisticated interactive dashboard.   In the first part of our BI-Satellite project, we devised a way to geocode location based spatial data using SSIS and Bing Maps. Thereafter in the next part we plotted […]

Working with Spatial Data Part II – Plotting Shapes and Storing Geocoded Data

This article leverages the examples and concepts explained in the first part of this spatial data series which develops a “BI-Satellite” app ( Geocoding Text-Based Spatial Data for Use In SSIS Packages Part-I ) Overview Text based location information is the starting point for spatial data analysis, but this information is generally not directly consumable […]

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