Which edition of SQL Server 2005 is better, the Standard Edition or the Enterprise Edition?

The SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition isn’t better or worse than the SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, and vice versa, they are just different and offer different features to meet the specific needs of different groups of customers.

If you need the specific features of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, which are mostly related to higher performance and higher fault toleranace, then you need the Enterprise Edition. But if you don’t need the specific features that are part of the SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, then the Standard Edition will work just fine.

Besides feature differences, there is a major cost difference between the two editions. In fact, you may find that you need the features of the Enterprise Edition but can only afford the Standard Edition. In this case, you will have to settle for less features, or find some third-party tools that replicate the features in the Enterprise Edition that you need, but run under the Standard Edition.

The best way for you to determine which edition best meets your needs to to visit this web page:


This web page has a feature comparison chart, showing which features are included with each version of SQL Server 2005. You might even discover that you can use a less expensive, or even free version of SQL Server 2005, instead of purchasing the Standard or Enterprise editions.


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