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3 nodes cluster: SQL Server + files server??

We have the following architecture: – SQL Server 2000 in cluster with two nodes in active/active mode. – W2003 Enterprise Edition. We must reinstall the cluster (to reuse it) and our IT Platform team insist in take advantage of the reinstallation to make a new 3 nodes cluster: 2 for SQL Server and 1 for web contents (only files, nothing about IIS). So, they want to install a ‘heterogeneous’ cluster: two nodes for SQL Server and one for files server (the possible owner for SQL will be only two machines, but the possible owner for the files server will be the three machines). We (dba’s group) are not happy about this solution. Anyway, do you know if this is a recommended configuration by Microsoft? Any can give us any argument to avoid/confirm this configuation??
Thank you. Regards
If the third one is for file shares only I dont see any major issue to use the sql nodes as failover options. If there are any other services running that take up memmory one have to take that into account when configuring it so there is enough available at failover.