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Accessing a DLL

Hi, I have a dll written in C. Is there a way to access its methods and attributes? If so, how do I do that? I am a total beginner at this, so as much information as possible would be appreciated. Thanks, Marcelo
Of course there is a way to do that, but this is a SQL Server forum. You should go to a C/C++ forum to ask this question – try message boards. There are also meny good articles onn this topic there – — Rediscover the web

Hm, never worked in this area myself, but I think you can create extended stored procedures for this.
Sorry, I didn’t express myself correctly. What I want to do is access the dll straight from the sql code, call it’s functions and attributes directly from the sql code. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Marcelo
Have a look at extended stored procedures in Books Online. You can create these yourself and they are basically calls from within SQL Server to external DLLs. Tom Pullen
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