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Active/Active Cluster and RAM wasted

I have a windows 2000 sql active active cluster. 2 servers have 8 GB physical RAM, and we are only using 4 GB on each SQL Server incase there is a failover, effectively wasting half the memory I know it against the rules but I’m wanting to give both servers the full amount of RAM (7GB for SQL and 1GB for OS), then if a failover is ever to occur automatically run a script that would pickup the failover and change the max server memory to decrease the amonut of RAM so that one physical server can host both active nodes. This will probably involve restarting the SQL services, as far as I’m aware the first node to come up in the cluster will take the max 7GB, and wont give it back until its restarted (or gives it back very slowely), leaving the 2nd (slower node) up sh1t creek. Anyone been there ? for reference. SQL Server can only see up to 2GB. However, if you enable /3GB in boot.ini, SQL Server can then see up to 3GB. SQL Server will only take advantage of the 8GB memory if you use /PAE, /3GB in boot.ini, and enable AWE. Make sure you set Max memory to about 6.5GB, or so. Also refer this KBA link. Satya SKJ
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Sorry I didnt mention that i have already enabled AWE memory, I think i might need to look into clustering more than sql as it will be easy to change the memory settings with a script, also using netstart and stop for the sql restarts, i plan to either use xp_cmd shell or DTS to run a batch file, not sure yet the hard part is for SQL to be alerted to having 2 active nodes running on the same physical server,