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Hi, this is a similiar question to the last thread. I have a 2 node active/active sql cluster running flawlessly right now. I just got a new server in, that I would like to use as a warm failover in the cluster. I want to make sure I’m adding the third passive node correctly. First off I’m running 2003 advanced server. I first install the OS, then run the cluster mscs wizard and join the node to the cluster??? Then I install SQL server on the third node correct? The two active nodes are named instances, so I don’t want a third named instance, because I have no free drives on my storage array. Does this sound correct? Thanks.
How do add a node in Windwows 2003:…elp/8e8bd392-62b5-4a76-9145-ac1eb7765cbd.mspx How to make existing SQL instances aware of the new node: