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Active/Active SP4 upgrade

Hi Guys I’m looking to upgrade our A/A cluster, but a question arises. I’ve never actually attempted this before, so after a quick search re I noticed that most articles talk about upgrading the resource instance first before doing the upgrade and the rest will follow automatically. This appears to be only the case for A/P clusters? How do I go about doing this on a A/A cluster – do I follow the same principle:
Failover to ServerB and upgrade ServerA.
Then Failover to ServerA and upgrade ServerB.
Or do I just do the upgrade on one of the nodes and all other instances will be updated? e.g. this article doesn’t exactly say if it applies to a AA or AP or both. Your input is highly appreciated. MD Marlon D
You do not apply the SP to the nodes, you apply it one time for each virtual server in your cluster that you want to upgrade. If you are running active/active you have at least two virtual server instances. So no failover needed. Just start the SP install on the current node that happen to own the virtual server you want to upgrade.