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Adding tables to SQL Server 7 Replication

If you need to create new tables and add them to existing snapshoot replication(SQL Server 7)is this posible using only EM ?
What about the subscriber, it is necessary to create the new tables there first and then syncronyze with the publisher ?
Thanks in advance for your help
In ver.7 you must synchronize for any kind of schema changes. _________
Satya SKJ

Thanks Satya,
So the normal process will be :
1. Add the new tables at the publisher
2. Create the new tables to the subscriber
3. Configure replication to add the new tables as new articles
4. Syncronize the subscriber with the publisher Do you have an option in EM for number 4 ? If not how you do the syncronization ? Best Regards
I have never carried out this operation using EM and always rely on TSQL statements where you will get to know ore about process rather than depending upon GUI tool. ANd I think using ver.7 you may not have much option to do the task. _________
Satya SKJ

Hi Satya,
Which store procedure do you use to syncronize the subscriber with the publisher ?
Each time the Snapshot Agent runs, it creates schema and data files to be sent to Subscribers.
The agent appends rows to the MSrepl_commands and MSrepl_transactions tables in the distribution database. The entries in the MSrepl_commands tables are commands indicating the location of the synchronization set (.sch and .bcp files) and ordered references to any specified pre-creation scripts. The entries in the MSrepl_transactions table are commands referencing the Subscriber#%92s synchronization task.
Satya SKJ