Murach's ADO.NET 2.0 Database Programming with VB 2005

Anne Boehm
2007, Mike Murach & Associates
784 pages
ISBN 1-89077-443-X Notwithstanding the C# mania enjoys Visual Basic still a great popularity. This also holds true for the development of database applications where
VB has ist rightful place. But all beginnings are difficult and take time. Time that one rarely has. All the more important it is to find reliable
guidance quickly and conprehensibly. Exactly this purpose serves the book at hand. The successful paired-pages format (how-to on the left, code
samples on the right side) demonstrates once more its ability to get the reader going quickly and so one has to certify this book to be a felicious
introduction to programming ADO.NET 2.0 with VB 2005.]]>

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