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Altering a column to be an Identity

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[DFtemp] (
[abcd] [varchar] (100),
[idkey] [int]
GO I then insert values:
insert dftemp values (”,1)
insert dftemp values (”,3)
insert dftemp values (”,5) I would now like to make the [idkey] an IDENTITY column with a seed and increment. I would like to retain the idkey values that were already inserted.
My IDENTITY increment would therefore start at ‘6’ for the next record.
Can I achieve this without dropping and recreating the column?
I know it can be done using Enterprise Manager but can it be scripted with T-SQL?
With regard to the TSQL statement: alter table Authors
drop column id_AuthorNo alter table Author
add id_AuthorNo int not null Identity(1,1)
Review article for more information. Satya SKJ
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Look for DBCC in BOL
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If you want to retain the values, that already exists in the column, use Enterprise Manager to define the IDENTITY property on that column. —
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