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I am trying to undertake some performance optimisation of Analysis Services cubes. But horrors of horrors the Query Log database is not being populated. I have reset the query frequency to 1 – still no joy. Everything seems to be OK in the registry. I guess I could try migrating the Query Log to SQL Server but the connection to the Access database is OK. This is the case on all 3 of our Analysis Servers. The current service level is sp3a.
It appears to have been populated in the past on one of the servers and I gather that this was initially built with SP2. Any Ideas? Experienced similar issues? Cheers
I had a quick look on mine… I have migrated the Repository to SQL Server but I can’t find the query log anywhere! It is set to log, but there doesn’t seem to be any option for WHERE it’s logged to, I assumed it was to a text file, not a database. I log processing to a text file and that’s working ok, but where the query logs go to is a mystery!
Edit … I did some reading and found what you’re talking about, it logs to the access database Microsoft Analysis Servicesinmsmdqlog.mdb. I had a look at the QueryLog table in here and it appears that logging IS working fine. It’s not much help to you. Maybe you could try doing a search for *.mdbs in case it’s created duplicate copies? Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
OK. Reason for this problem is security settings on the Bin directory. Rights were granted OK to the MSOLAPRepository share but not the actual physical directory. Needed to grant full control to OLAP Administrators. Delete file and replace. Working a treat now. Cheers Steve.