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Ask for advice : best way for lot of data !

Hi, I’ve an outside application which is able to generate some queries (Insert, Update and Delete) on a distant database. The number of queryes can be from 200~300 to 100 000 depending of the activity and the number of users … (and some others parameters like : oups … 2 weeks I haven’t done it …) Before starting manage such case, I try to find some advice on how to get best performance ! Index are already set on table by others application … Some advice :
will a ps opening a file with all the request be a good solution ? Thanks for any help !

First of all consider the database growth by performing database sizing based upon the current growth or the usage. – Always monitor slow running queries by taking help of PROFILER (or using server side traces) – Schedule the regular reindexing on the frequent updated tables. – If possible try to archive the historic data to reduce contention on the live database. – Review contents about performance tuning this website. Satya SKJ
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