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ASP connections to cluster failed

We have SQL and IIS clustered using Veritas Cluster server 2.x on two nodes. When we run IIS on node 1 with SQL running on either node our ASP pages work perfectly. Wen we run (either failover or switched)IIS on node 2 with SQL running on either node the asp pages that depend on queries (user pages after logins mostly) do not work. We get 404 page not found errors. On pages that have both html and asp the html will render fine but the asp-sql based menus fail to load. We have heard that the SQL connection string pool may be the cause. Has anyone experienced this or know of any solutions? Has anyone clustered a web site with asp connected pages? Thanks,
ASP pages (and other server-side scripting) work in a cluster environment; however, because you must implement these as server-side COM objects that must exist and be registered on each node, their extensibility is limited. If you require Active Server Pages (ASP) in the Web server environment, use WLBS. Satya SKJ
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Thanks, That was actually helpful as it confirmss some of our suspicions. I don’t really understand how the load balancing would help us though could you explain?