Historical Tick Data

We just launched our new site TickHistory for Historical Tick Data. Providing over 15 years of historical tick data.    

Historical Options Data

We have just launched our options data site for technical analysis of Historical Options Data . Ovewr 13 years of full historical options chains include last traded price, bid/ask quotes, implied volatility, full greeks (delta, gamma, vega, theta and rho).

Tick Data Pricing

Tick data is the most granular available for market analysis and as such is vital for many types of trading simulations. Unfortunately, due to the size of the datasets and the difficulty of storing, compiling and testing them, tick datasets are almost never free and usually very expensive.  In this summary, we break down some… Continue reading Tick Data Pricing

Tick Data / Intraday Data

FirstRate Data has just launched a new Tick Data product. 10 years of stock, fx, ETF and crypto tick data are available for instant download. Also, check out Intraday Stock Data for 1-min intraday data bars and helpful advice on error-correcting intraday data. Also try TickHistory for historical stock tick data.

Historical Financial Data

Just launched our new financial data site – Historical Financial Data at Financial Data DB. This site consolidates financial statement data from over 6000 US companies and 1000 international companies. Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and calculated metrics such as pe ratio, return on assets and market capitalization are also included. All data… Continue reading Historical Financial Data

Bitcoin Tick Data

FirstRateData provides FirstRate Data BTC Tick Trade Data for tick-by-tick BTC trades aggregated from 12 exchanges.

S&P500 Intraday Data

Download S&P 500 intraday data at 1-min bars – Open/High/Low/Close/volume at FirstRate Data S&P 500 Intraday Bundle