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auto switch for updateable subscriptions

I have the option set immediate updating with queued updating as a failover: Is there a way to automate (maybe as a stored procedure or something) switching between the two updating methods when the newtork connection fails (immediate updating to queued updating) and visa versa (queued updating to immediate updating when connection is back)?
Thanks CE
May look at sp_setreplfailovermode:
Allows you to set the failover operation mode for subscriptions enabled for immediate updating with queued updating as failover. This stored procedure is executed at the Subscriber on the subscription database.
Satya SKJ
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Thanks – is there a way that can detect if the network connection open or not? If not then obviously the transactional replication when the replication failover mode is set to immediate updating will not work – is there some way to pick this up and then maybe fire the trigger to set the failover mode to queued updating? CE