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automatic expiry of locks

Hi, My company is developing a web app with SQL Server on the backend. Our team does not have a lot of experience with SQL Server, and I have a pretty basic question. We are implementing transactions, and are trying to figure out if locks held by orphaned transactions can be released without manual intervention. Is there a way to set a limit to the life of a lock? We want a lock to be released once the time limit is exceeded. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks, chalakanth These 2 links will help you to understand about Locks and reduce them. Satya SKJ
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You can use it to solve ur purpose. –sets the lock time-out period to 1,800 milliseconds.
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Thanks for the replies. I’ll look into the articles. I am not sure that LOCK_TIMEOUT will help. The documentation says that LOCK_TIMEOUT stops a process from waiting to acquire a lock indefinitely. Our problem is that a process already has a lock and holds it indefinitely. We want that process to release the lock after a certain time. thanks again.