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AWE Enabled Cluster Nodes

Hi There I just want confirm my thinkings are correct. I have an active/active 2 node sql server cluster (Windows Server 2003 EE).
Recently we purchased 2 new servers with 16Gig RAM each and they are now the 2 nodes in the cluster. I need to enable AWE in sql server, now from what i understand if you enable AWE Sql Server will only leave 128 megs of ram for the operating system (if dynamic memory is configured), so i am sure i must set max server memory for both instances of sql server in the cluster. What i am most concerned about is what will happen if failover occurs and both instances are running on the same cluster node. I am thinking that i must set max server memory to +- 7Gigs on each instance, so that in case of failover each instance will only use 7 gigs and will leave 2 gigs for the operating system, i realise this will mean only using half the RAM (one of the drawbacks in a cluster i guess). Is this correct ? Thanx
Depends. The recommended (and maybe the only supported way) is about 7 GB on each. But if you can live with the issue with conflicting memory setting during a failover (which hopefully don’t happen to often) you could set it to 14 GB. It’s a calculated risk to take depending on how critical the application is.
Thanx Argyle. It is critical for both Instances to be up , so i owuld rather play it safe. Thanx Again