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Backup solution advice required

Hi, anyone have any recommendations or other comments on backup software for a w2k3/sql2000 cluster? The cluster will be multiple node/SAN…<br /><br />Any advice is much appreciated <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />
Take a look at the case study at: Using tape as a backup solution presents a larger challenge. The device would need to be shared between all nodes of the cluster, or an identical device configured in exactly the same way would need to exist on each node of the cluster. A better solution is backing up the databases to either a share or a remote mirror, and then back up the files to tape from that location, simplifying the process. Third-party tools for backup solutions exist that allow hot backups. In a clustered configuration, the problem is compounded because the backup solution must be cluster aware and work on each node. The previous considerations for backing up to disk and tape still apply: Ensure that there are no single points of failure and all nodes have access to the same devices in the same way. Satya SKJ
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