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Best method for getting total record count

I have a system that contains about 1.5 mil rows of data that can searched by one or more criteria. The portal will only return back 300 results at a time which meets the client expectation. Essentially using a TOP 300 gives the matching results and performance is good. New requirement would still show the total matching records despite only 300 being returned. Something like Results 21-30 of 300 Total Matching 748,120. I notice that doing a statement like the following is quick – but is there a better way: SELECT COUNT(*)
WHERE condition 1…
AND condition 2…
You don’t have to return all the rows to the client. You canpage across the resultset in SQL Server if there is a unique number in the resultset. Look for paging records in this forum. Gaurav
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I can see the method used is only the way to get out the result, follow as suggested. Satya SKJ
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