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Blank pages in print preview and pdf format view

I have developed some reports and when I export it pdf format or look at print preview, I can see some blank pages added to the report. Here are the scenarios :
1) there is a report of 1 page only, but when I see print preview it says 2 pages and second page is empty.
2) I had a 2 page report, with 2 tables side by side. now the result from one of the columns in second table is bit long and this results in 2 page report. When I print preview or export to pdf this report, the first page has data followed by empty page followed by some data and finally followed by empty page again. I dont know why this is happening. Any suggestions are welcome.
I think we shud c if v have spaces or empty lines between tables… coz when u have a space or an empty line between tables and tables are large and they dont fit in a single page tables are started in a new page…I guess checking for the empty lines and spaces shud solve the prblm Regards
Hi Suleman, Thanks for the reply. I had margins removed and it solved my problem. Basically the page is of width 8.5 x 11 and if you have margins also then it adds to the widht & height of the page and its bound to generate empty pages. I have set margins as 0 because I tried even smallest values for it like .25 but it didnt work. Thanks,
oh thatz gud … came to now more abt margins on the page… Regards