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Caching problem in sql reporting services.

Hi all,
I have developed a web application which displays records stored in the database based on certain criteria supplied by the user. I have used SQL Reporting services for generating a report coresponding to the displayed records. The problem I faces is as follows.
I generated a report for the records displayed in the application. Then, I updated one of the records and again generated the report. But the change I made is not reflected in it. The report is the same as the one previously generated. But the change is reflected if I logged out of the application, again logged in and generated the report.
I checked the ‘Execution properties’ of the report in the Report Manager and I found that the ‘Do not cache temporary copies of this report’ option remains selected. But the caching problem exists. Please help if anyone knows a solution. I am desperately in need of a solution for the above problem.
Have you searched for relevant information on RS Books online, I think there should be some kind of setting to avoid this issue. May also search under RS Newsgroups for any relevant information. Satya SKJ
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use &rs:ClearSession=true if you are calling the report in URL format..else you can set the report to auto refresh at an interval