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Calling reports from aspx

Hi, I am very new to sql reports and .net.
I would like to call a report from an aspx page.Can anyone pl. help me out. Thanx
When you install SQL Server Reporting, Install the sample also.
1. Open the Solution C:program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLReporting ServicesSamplesApplicationsReportViewercsReportViewer.
2. Buid the solution. It’ll produce a DLL ReportViewer.dll.
3. Include this DLL in your "Web Forms" Toolbar (Right Click any component in toolbar, Add/Remove Items, .NET Components, Browse the DLL & select)
4. Drop that Component in Page
5. Set the Server & Report path in properties of this component(Deploy the report before doing this). You are all set to use the report in ASPX pages. HTH