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Can I have Single-Node cluster on 2003?

Is it possible to use the -localquorum disk on windows 2003 or similar to run up a cluster with only a single-node on a HP EVA SAN. We are lite on for hardware and i wanted to bring up a clustered sql2000 virtual server as on a single node, then add another node later on. Any comments appreciated. Brian Sutherland in AU
Brian Sutherland in AU
Possible but not really supported I think. See this post:[email protected]&rnum=1
It is only good for test purpose but will not provide you any redundancy if that node fails as quorum is local and not on shared disk.
Thanks for the reply, I am working out a way to bring a PRODUCTION SQL cluster online as a single node cluster.
Prove the data migration (SAP Enterprise Portal Version 5) from an existing 2000 operating system cluster works and THEN break off a node from the existing cluster, rebuild as 2003 o/s and then join to the NEW 2003 SQL virtual cluster (SAP Enterprise Portal Version EP6). I just dont have the hardware to replicate both clusters with fibre. Has anyone brought up SQL2000 on a single node 2003 cluster? or am i bleeding edge. thanks for the feedback much appreciated, will also post on forum flagged by Argyle. Brian Sutherland in AU Brian Sutherland in AU