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Can I hide displaying a certain member?

Hi, Can I hide displaying a certain member?
Hi, I have a dimension called customers having the following levels: ALL
Level 1 CustType
Level 2 Cust Rank
Level 3 Cust Name Suppose that the possible CustTypes are "Potential" , "Active", and "Lost". Other than filtering out the non-required data using a view, is there any other solution which can be used to hide displaying Level 1 and below if the Custtype (Level 1) = "Potential"
FROM whom and where exactly you wanna hide the level.
You can define roles in AS through AS manager.
If you are displaying the data in front end through MDX then filter there itself. IN AS it is possible only through roles.
Thanks for the reply. No roles is not what I want to use… to cut it short, the data for level 1 and beyond will not be available for a few weeks and thus I want to hide the "Potentials".
You can look for hidememberif property to hide certain members.

thanks ranjitjain. Will try to explore this property