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Can I import 175 mil records?

I need to know if SQL can even do this. I have 4 SAS files I need to import and run queries on. Three of them have 50 million records, and one has 25 million. The files are all the same format: each record is 568 bytes and is made up of 109 fields. The queries are simple SELECT statements, with sums, division, and sorts. There will never be more than ten people using this at any one time. Can I do this with SQL, and if so what type of HW configuration would I need? Thanks! – Eric
Yes. SQL can handle this many rows. Your limitations will be based on memory, physical disk size and table/index design. There are books and websites that you can use for your calculations. You need to plan for database growth (if there will be any), refresh and/or backup frequency. Database drive space, backup drive space. Raid levels, recovery options etc. and even more information based on your current and future business needs. Putting the effort in up front will save you headaches later on. Chris
That’s good. I don’t need backups or recovery, the data is historical and someone else is storing the master copy. This is only a 4-6 month effort. Could you point me to one of the websites you mentioned? I’m looking for the minimum HW level that will support querying that much data.