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Causes of SQL Failover

Can anyone explain to me what can cause SQL to failover.
I know if the service itself fails, it will failover. What if I have an important DB on the node and it gets corrupt or offline for some reason or other, will SQL then failover?? If not, can this be implemented? Many thanks
If a specific database on an sql instance becomes suspect or corrupted this will not trigger a failover just as it would not cause the sql service to fail on a single server. Even if you could trigger a failover when this happens there would be no point since the database would most likely still be suspect or corrupted on the other node, just as it would be on a single server where you stopped and then started the sql service. To correct a corrupted database you would have to run DBCC checks etc.
Looks like you might be a little confused about what clustering is for. Clustering provides physical server redundancy. That’s it…nothing else!! It doesn’t help you with lost data. Both servers in a cluster share the same data source. If you want to have redundancy for data, you need to look at replication, log shipping, mirroring, etc. MeanOldDBA
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