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Change of Password effect Merge replication

Hi All, I have 11 publication and 35 subscribers in my Merge replication setup on SQL SERVER 2000. Currently I am using ‘sa’ account for this replication setup. Now i want to change the password for ‘sa’ account, but when i change the password for ‘sa’ my pelication fails and give mesage Merge agents unable to connect to subscriber. Can anybody tell me how can i change the password of ‘sa’ in replication settings also withour removing existing setup. pls help. Anuj Sharma
What is the authentication method used?
sp_changedistpublisher will allow you to change the distributor password. You shouldn’t need to drop all of replication. You may need to stop all your agents and make the auth changes but once the change is made, you should be ok. NT Integrated security will also simplify this for you. You only change the NT account password once and everyone else will be updated. Satya SKJ
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we are using SQl SERVER AUTHENTICATION. Anuj Sharma