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Changing AS to run under domain logon?

We have Analysis Services running under the system account on our main production server. We are looking at changing it to run under a domain account with appropriate admin privs on the box. Are there any problems doing this ? Will there be access issues to cubes etc by doing this? No traps I’ve not heard about? I’d have thought not, but I’d thought I’d ask anyway….. Its Analysis Servives under SQL 2000 Enterprise SP4. Thoughts welcome. Cheers
I think there should not be any problems in changing the service account to use a domain account. It would help if there are any network operations associated within the DTS packages. fyi. Satya SKJ
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I’m running AS on domain account and now even 2005 have chnaged it from local system account.
I have not faced any such issues.
If the account has all the priviledges then there will not be any issues.