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Cluster-Active Server down notification

Hi All: I have 2 node active passive cluster, I need help to send a notificaiton mails as soon as my active sql switch to passive one.. sp3a : 2000 Ent Ed.
windows 2003 Ent Ed.
Cluster: A/P Is it possible to send E-mail as soon as any switch over happen… Thanks in advance.. Regards
High-availability configurations are similar to other configurations of Notification Services, except that they use clustering. If one of the servers in the cluster becomes unavailable, resources and applications move to another available cluster node. For an effective Notification Services clustering solution, you must cluster the SQL Server database engine and the Notification Services engine. SQL Mail is not fully supportable when used on a SQL Server Failover Cluster (due to the MAPI limitation of not being cluster-aware), Satya SKJ
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Hi Satya: As of now we have been using a customized job, that check for number of disk after every 10 minutes.. if there are not same number of disks on server as required to be an active server it send a notificaiton email: "SQL cluster swithced"
But I need right way to do so..I don’t want this job to be executed after every 10 minutes..or 144 times in a day. Can we achive this by another as soon as switch mark an entry in any table/ or raise an event. Is this possible to track?? Thanks in Advance… –Deepak K
We use a third-party notification program for this purpose called Event Log Manager from TNT Software. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP