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Cluster resources- how to add?

What are all resources required for SQL Server Cluster group and its dependancies. While I do some changes, SQL Server agent and Full text Search resources is deleted, how do I re-generate these resources. I tried to do this, but the resources are not coming online. I have added required dependencies like SQL Server NetworkName and Drives for the data and indexes. but still the resources are showing as "failed" Please help me in this matter. -Johnson
Don’t add/remove this manually. If they are gone now remove and reinstall the virtual servers again and all needed resources will be created during the install. Once you are done there is one thing to do. It’s to add all cluster disks that each sql virtual server has a dependancy on to the SQL Server resource. If you only have one disk per instance it will already be there.
I had to re-install SQL Virtual server to get that.
But to get this re-install was very hectic task. The reason was the entries were in registry in both nodes. Got the related notes how to remove related registry entries
pls check the link if anyone required this;en-us;290991 Thanks Argyle