How to Cluster SQL Server 2005

In addition, in this dialog box you must select the network to be used for the public network—the network used by the clients to connect to this instance of SQL Server 2005. All of the available networks will be listed in the drop-down box next to Network to use. If you have named the public and private networks Public and Private, respectively, it will be very easy for you to select the correct network, as I have above.

Once you have entered the IP address and selected the public network, click on Add, so that the information you just selected is in the Selected networks and IP addresses box. Then click Next.

In this dialog box, select the SQL Server Group as the group where you want to create the SQL Server resources. In addition, be sure that the Data files will be created on the correct logical drive of the shared array using the folder name you choose. Click Next to proceed.

Now, you specify which nodes you want to install this instance of SQL Server on. Because our example is for only two nodes, the default setting works for us. Notice that under Required node is SQL2005A, which is the name of the physical node where we are running the setup program. And under Selected nodes is SQL2005B, the second physical node in our 2-node cluster. Click Next to proceed.

In this dialog box, we must select an account (with password) that has administrative rights on all of the nodes where we want to install this instance of SQL Server 2005. This can be any domain account that is a local administrator of all the nodes. Click Next to proceed.


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