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clustered OLAP Svc repository failure

I have sql server 2000 olap services clustered on a windows 2003 cluster. I have a project server 2003 database on this same cluster. I migrated the repository services database from access to the clustered SQL instance of this cluster. In order to cluster OLAP I had to alter the registry on both nodes of the cluster as per this doc :;EN-US;308023 I had to failover for maintenance purposes and when that happened the migrated analysis services repository database reverted back to the access file because that is where the edited registry entries tell it to look. I never deleted the access database file. I just renamed it. I was able to manually "re-migrate" the analysis services repository, and things started to work again as the should. has anyone else come accross this scenario?
How do I stop this from happening the next time I failover? Detroit

Are you sure you update both nodes. Registry changes on one node should replicate to the other if you specify the key SoftwareMicrosoftOLAP Server when greating the generic service for the olap service. Make sure the service have rights to read/write to these keyes in the registry as well.
argyle, i did specify this registry key for replication when i created the generic service to start the mssqlserverolap service in cluster admin. The registry is the same on both nodes, so the correct keys were replicated. The registry key has rights granted to the cluster services acct, olap admin, and local admins. The mssqlserverolap service is set to run under the "local system" acct. I think this might be a problem but the registry keys were replicated. For clarification : I migrated the analysis services repository database after I clustered olap services. the only other item I can find on this is vague;en-us;322596 It is a white paper on creating high availability OLAP sites and clustering and states : "Rather than moving the Access version of the repository to a different location, the preferred solution is to migrate the repository to SQL Server on one instance and then copy the registry keys for the Repository Connection String and RemoteRepositoryConnectionString from the server to which the repository was migrated to the other node in the server cluster. SQL Server is the preferred location for Analysis Services meta data in enterprise deployments." sounds like change these 2 registry keys to point olap services to the SQL Server database on the clustered installation. detroit
If you changed it after it was clustered it could be that a copy of the key old still existed on the quorum drive. Then when you failed over, this old key information was restored on the other node. All registry keys being replicated between nodes are stored on the quorum drive under Q:MSCS. If the cluster service for some reason did not record your registry change here as well then it could explain why old data was restored. Thanx for your post btw. I’ll be setting up an identical environment with OLAP and Microsoft Project Server 2003 and these issues are good to know in advance so it could be tested. What you could do (if you have room for testing) is to change the registry value on the active node and then fail over to see if the key is replicated correctly.