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Clustering SQL Server 2000

SQL Server 2000 SP3a on W2K Advanced Server SP4.
1 IBM Server x440 with FastT700 Storage (Fibre Channel) We need to buy another IBM Server x440 or x445 and we would like to make a cluster.
Question 1:
Once we build the Cluster with the installation of the Cluster Service, making the W2K Cluster, is it possible to upgrade the default instance of SQL Server to a default clusterd instance of SQL Server?
In BOL I have found a note that explain how to do this but I have some doubts. When I installed SQL Server I placed the system files on the C: drive, the DB files on our SAN on disk E: and the log files on disk F:. Question 2:
If we would like to use Windows Server 2003 what would be the possibility for an upgrade?
I mean, should I erase all and start with Windows Server 2003 setup or can you suggest to upgrade the OS first, from W2K Advanced Server, and then cluster SQL Server if possible?
Can you advice please?
Any help is really appreciated.
Thank you very much for your time.
Franco Franco
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Thanks so much but I have already read it.
I don’t find the answer to my 2 questions on that article.
Kind regards.
If you have installed SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition you can upgrade the default instance to a default clustered instance. You have that option when inserting the setup CD: Just make the correct disks dependent on the SQL Server service in cluster administrator afterwards (both servers needs to share a storage). SQL system files should be kept on C:, it’s just data and log that needs to be on a shared storage. See: 2.
I would start from scratch in this scenario. /Argyle