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Column Header for a matrix row group ?

I have added row groups to my matrix, but I need column headers up top for these. I have tried adding multiple textboxes in to the upper left triangle of the matrix, but the formatting gets all messed up when I actually deploy…
Any solution to this ? thanks
Have you tried this? Select the row group cell. Right click and select the properties page. There should be a Name field which if populated will appear as a column header. dmatta59
yea, I’ve already tried this with no luck..
any other ideas ? thanks
I am having the same issue, I have 2 row groups but only one text box to put the row group headers in. If anyone has the answer please post it. Thanks, Jack Corbett, DBA
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Try dragging a table into the upper left ‘square’ and adding columns that way. Not exactly ideal but it worked for me untill I find a better way…
i wait for anwser too