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CommandTimeout default on the box level

I’m supporting a few apps that make connections in multiple places and they are complaing of query timeouts. I told them that they can set that parameter but they pushed back saying it would have to done in too many places. So I am searching to see how I can change the default from 30 to something else on the box level. I figure that the "30" setting is somewhere so I should be able to modify that but I don’t know where.
I couldn’t find it in the registry and googling it didn’t help either. I’m hoping one of you has had to do this at some point. Thanks in advance. Felix
If you want to increase Query Time out value<br />Open Enterprise Manager and then<br />Right Click on the Server Name-&gt<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-4.gif’ alt=’;P’ />roperties-&gt;Connections <br />Enter new value<br /><br /><br />Madhivanan<br /><br />Failing to plan is Planning to fail
the other way to do is :
sp_configure ‘remote login timeout (s)’,12 if you want to set time out (Query)/ Remote login . Regards.
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Check the network connections issues between the application and SQL server.
Can you be more specific where exactly users are getting the timeout, if it is while running queries then ensure the underlying tables has required indexes to gain optimum performance. Satya SKJ
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It’s not a question of the query running too long. It is inserting a lot of data, over a meg, and the query sometimes takes more than 30 seconds from the client. Setting a server value will not change the client odbc setting. I need to change the default timeout setting on the client odbc. felix
if you are running your application , you have to set command timeout = ‘ms’ in the application code. hsGoswami
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quote:Originally posted by ghemant if you are running your application , you have to set command timeout = ‘ms’ in the application code. hsGoswami
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I know about your method. I’m trying to set the default on the box(es) the application(s) are running on so I don’t have to make the code changes. I’m looking for a registry setting or an ini type file.
MSFT sets the default to 30 seconds. That must be somewhere. I’m trying to find where that is.