Configure and Manage Policy Based Management in SQL Server 2008

How to Create a Policy
In Policy Based Management the next step is to create a policy which uses the newly added condition. A New Policy can be created by right clicking the Policies child node under Management | Policy Management. 

Once the Create New Policy popup window opens you need to provide Name, Check Condition and Against targets values as shown in the below snippet. 

The policy evaluation modes are determined by the characteristics of the Policy Based Management facet that are used by the policy. All facets support On Demand and On Schedule (Using this you can schedule policies to run as a SQL Server Agent job on a specific schedule). Facets support On Change: log only if the change of the facet state can be captured by some events. Facets support On change: prevent if there is transactional support for the DDL statements that change the facets state. Policies that are automated with one of these three execution modes can be enabled and disabled.


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