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Configure Log Shipping with Stored Procedures

I want to set up a hands-off process for configuring log shipping so that I can do it with a scheduled job overnight. I gather that I can do it using the system stored procedures but I’ve been unable to ascertain the order in which to use them. I’ve read this article: which refers only to SQL 7.0 and shows how to do it using your own procs. Books Online only walks through the process using the Maintenance Plan Wizard. Does anyone have a good article on how to configure Log Shipping using the SQL 2000 stored procs? Thanks for any help you can offer. Chris
The referred article still works in SQL 2000 as there is no additional parameters required. Satya SKJ
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I think I answered my own question…this is according to the MSDN support site. The article is "Frequently asked questions – SQL Server 2000 – Log shipping"… Q8: Can I script log shipping? A8: No. Currently, it is not possible to script log shipping. The only supported means of setting up log shipping is through the wizard as described in question 4 of this section. Here’s a link:;en-us;314515 The article that I mentioned in my previous post describes setting up Log Shipping that would only be controlled by "in-house" processes only, not the "built-in" Log Shipping provided by SQL 2000. I was wondering if Log Shipping using the built-in SQL 2000 system SP’s could be set up including the Log Shipping monitor. I’ll read it again to see if there is something that I missed. Thanks for the response.