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Configuring a New SQL Server

Hi all, Need some expert advice in configuring a Database Server. We were using SQL Server 2000 Active/Passive Clustered Server ( 2 Processor , 4 GB memory ) as a backend for a Trading System and recently due to high volume we are experiencing a CPU bottleneck. So we have decided to get a new Active/passive clustered Server with 4 Processor’s. Typically we are using the server for a Trading System which keeps inserting records into 12 tables approx. The totol number of records inserted are around 1 million records daily, and these one million records have to be archived on a daily basis to a History Database end of the day. We are planning to order a server with 1 TB 1. Which Brand is Good for this kind of scenario?.
2. What kind of RAID should be used for Data Files and Log Files. We don’t back up the Transaction Logs. So the databases are in simple recovery mode.
3. What kind of RAID is good for the backups. I want some thing like this Eg. C: Drive for Operating System
F: Drive For Placing the data files ( How much should be the write cache and what kind of RAID is good – the Drive should be a compromise between READ’s and WRITE’s – Is RAID 5 Good enough)
G: Drive for Placing the Log files ( The databases on this server are in Simple recovery mode ) H: Drive for Back ups ( What kind of raid is Good for backups ) Please Advice
Assuming performance is more important than cost, here is what I would recommend: c: Mirrored array
f: RAID 10
g: RAID 0
h: RAID 10, or RAID 0 if you will be sweeping these backups off to take on a regular basis —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
HI Brad, Thanks for u’re response. To place the data file , won’t you think RAID 10 will be slow for writing as it has to mirror the data everytime it writes. I guess reads will be fast as it can read from the mirrored disk ( split reads ) . what do you think. For the Back ups, we back up the database end of the day, and from here it will backed up to the TAPE on a daily basis. 1. Will the back up time will reduce , if we back up the database on to Disks with RAID 0.
2. What are the advantages of RAID 10 over RAID 5?. Let me know and Thanks for u’re Inputs Venu
RAID10 is the way to go for performance and availibilty. For RAID information see
What kind of Disks are used in the RAID Array ( specifications ). Do you use the smaller Disks of 36 GB or bigger disks of 72.
I am planiing to use 36 GB Disk as we can have more Random I/O’s on smaller disks when used in a Array. Am i going in a right direction?.
The database files will be on RAID 10 and the space we are looking at is aroung 600 – 700 GB Can any one let me know a Good Disk Specifications?. Thx
For best performance, use more, smaller disks, not fewer, larger disks. I recommend drives that are 15,000 RPM. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Thanks Brad